This is our most powerful device, for commercial or residential application. The ideal model for all high-end usage, perfectly pairs with a multiple outputs retractable system.


1 349,00 $

NOR7525 (hd7525)


  • Usage: Large family homes and cottages, retractable, commercial
  • Hybrid central vacuum – 240 V
  • 1354  airwatts
  • Two motors: 240 V in series or in parallel
  • Water lift (H2O) of 254″ or 149.2″
  • Warranty: up to 15 years
  • Designed for large surfaces and commercial installations as well as residences with multiple retractable hose inlets
  • Hybrid model that can be used with or without bag, at any time
  • Model equipped with an Information Center which signals recommended maintenance by indicating when to change the bag or empty the canister, and when to consult a technician in a service center
  • Limited lifetime warranty on unit’s body
Technical sheet