Nuovac is a company located in McMasterville that offers much more than a vacuum cleaner. Nuovac provides a complete cleaning system for condos and houses specializing in the sale and installation of central vacuums. The company works regularly with a number of general contractors in Montreal Rive-Sud, Rive-Nord and surrounding regions. Jeremy Charron, founder of Nuovac, has been perfecting his expertise installing central vacuum systems since 2015. He has thousands of feet of piping to his credit. A carpenter in construction since the middle of the 1990s, Charron knows the ABCs of building condos and houses. In 2020, Jérémy Charron started working with his spouse, Martine Lacroix, who has a vast experience in the field of electricity and has worked with general contractors since 2015.

Much more than a vacuum cleaner, a complete cleaning system for condos and houses…

Nuovac is proud to collaborate whit the

Fondation du Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie.